US Dividend Champions

Let's start 2017 with an updated list of US Dividend Champions List. These lists are maintained by Dave Fish of Moneypaper's, whose articles appear at Seeking Alpha. Complete list is available here.. This list will serve as our main list for starting point before doing further fundamental screen for our cash-secured-puts and covered call … Continue reading US Dividend Champions


NEW Cash-Settled Options on Russell 1000 Indexes

On October 20, CBOE® launched new cash-settled options on three indexes – •Russell 1000® Index (RUI) - is preferred by many investment managers as a broad-based index that represents approximately 92% of the total U.S. equity market.    •Russell 1000 Growth Index (RLG) - measures the performance of those Russell 1000 companies determined to have … Continue reading NEW Cash-Settled Options on Russell 1000 Indexes