Responsibility And You

By Ruth B

“You are responsible. What are you going to do about it?”Brian Tracy talking to a client.

I have often used the same question with my clients. Without exception they always come up with a response. The amazing implication is that when you take responsibility for a situation, you begin to find solutions. Even more importantly, when you take responsibility, you put yourself in control and remove yourself from the victim status.

Clearly we are all responsible for the results of our investing and trading. We choose what to buy, what to sell, how much to buy, how much to sell, and when to do the buying, selling, and staying in or out of the market.

We choose our methods of making our decisions. We choose our mentors. Hopefully, we find out what works; we verify that it does work, and then we do what works. We receive feedback, and make corrections as we go along.

And yet it’s not uncommon to hear a trader or investor make similar comments to the following:
* The market’s tearing me up.
* The market’s destroying my account.
* The market’s impossible to read.
* The market’s confusing me.

These complaints put the person in the role of being acted upon by the market and its various participants. They make themselves powerless in the overwhelming force of the market. They place the control out of their own hands and into the hands of “the market”.

In so doing they make the market their persecutor and themselves the victim. When you are being victimized, the market becomes the enemy. When the market becomes the enemy of a trader, that trader ceases to be a willing partner of the market forces. He and she are no longer in a position to open themselves to the freely flowing opportunities that happen every day.

Think about your trading, its ups and its downs. Listen carefully as I ask you the question: “You are responsible. What are you going to do about it?’

Allow yourself to observe what is working most of the time, and determine to do more of that. Admit what isn’t working most of the time, and decide to stop doing what doesn’t work.

Author Ruth B


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