Reach for Your Highest Potential

By Toni Turner

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our planet, born of stellar debris, came together billions of years ago and has continued to evolve ever since. As part of that evolution from one-celled plants and animals to conscious beings of expression, we are a unique part of life unfolding, always in the process of moving to greater expression.

Because the urge to express our highest potential is innate and ever-present (no matter how hard we try to ignore it!), it offers us the opportunity to participate in the creative process in our own lives, to develop our special talents. We have been given the awareness and ability to birth our being’s greatest potential.

Indeed, each of us is born with special gifts that if brought to the surface, developed, and polished, are meant to take us to new levels of growth and fulfillment as well as to contribute to the good of the world.

Many times, we believe – even fear – that our dreams are selfish, egotistical, or impractical. Consider the child, who longs to grow up to be an actor, his parents, who pooh-pooh that dream as selfish and impractical.

The truth is that by entertaining us in a stage play or film, actors and actresses encourage us, the audience, to “suspend our disbelief” and accompany them into a wonderful world of feelings and experiences we otherwise could not access. They transport us to a time and place that transcends our everyday environment. The experience may invite us to laugh, offer a life lesson, or simply alleviate our stress. What a wonderful gift these performers give to us!

Selfish? Quite the contrary! Impractical! Certainly not. Good actors and actresses are paid for their work.

What does your heart want? What makes your soul sing? What is that inner talent that longs to asserts itself? Are you ready to claim it and give it expression?

If the answer is yes, you’re ready to continue with your individual process of evolution by reaching – and embracing – your highest potential!


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