Develop a Prosperity Mindset

By Toni Turner

“All substance is energy in motion. It lives and flows. Money is symbolically a golden, flowing stream of concertized vital energy.”
– The Magical Work of the Soul

We all create our financial picture. How we think and feel about our financial affairs determines our experience!

When we first encounter it, this is a difficult concept to grasp. It’s far easier to blame someone else or outside circumstances for the lack in our lives. The truth is, “as within, so without.” The image we hold of ourselves – about any aspect of our being – is reflected out to our external world.

Let’s check out this premise.

Do you entertain thoughts like these?

There’s always too much month left at the end of the money. I have to grab mine before someone else does.

Opportunity probably won’t knock on my door. If you take time to rethink these statements, they all focus on scarcity. They define a world of lack and shortages!

Since we receive what we focus on, when we dwell and speak about scarcity and lack, that’s exactly what we produce.

Conversely, we attract abundance and prosperity into our lives when we discard thoughts of lack and limitation and replace them statements like:
I have everything I need right now to experience abundant prosperity.

True affluence requires us to live from the inside-out. When we accept in our hearts that we are complete right now, and when we develop an inner knowing that limitless abundance can be ours just like the air we breathe, then we discover that everything we need and desire is within our reach.

We can draw it to use like magnet, using our consciousness, our beliefs, and our action.

We cannot control global events, or the stock market, or the behavior of those around us.

We can, however, command our own thoughts. The minute we affirm and know that we have within us the potential to prosper and succeed in all areas of our lives, creative ideas, resourcefulness, and opportunities will abound.

Only then we can claim our legacy of prosperity and abundance!


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