Coincidence or Synchronicity

By Toni Turner

“The basics of belief in synchronicity are that every single life has a purpose and a deeper meaning than we are generally aware of. Behind all form is an intelligence that is exquisitely perfect, and that works in synchronized fashion. Everything happens for a purpose, and the puzzle pieces of life fit together perfectly. When you trust and know these thoughts you will daily recognize evidence for your belief in synchronicity.” – Wayne Dyer

How many times have you lifted the telephone receiver and suddenly known who was on the other end of the line before you said “Hello”? Or how many times have you thought of someone you’ve not seen in a while, only to have that person appear in your life the same day?

At a deeper level, have you ever looked back in your life and realized that at the moment you struggled most in a difficult situation – the right person or occurrence appeared out of nowhere to help you over the rough spots? Or have you endured a tough situation that ultimately led to new and surprising opportunities?

Some of us call incidents like these coincidence. May be they were. I believe they occurred through synchronicity.

Carl Jung first described synchronicity as “the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningfully but not causally connected events.”

The Earth orbits perfectly around the sun; it does not fly off on a path of its own destruction. Gravity holds each of us on the planet equally, not in spotty chaos. When left alone, nature operates in exquisite synergy, totally synchronized.

If our environment is so perfectly arranged, is it possible our lives are also? Is it possible that each of our lives has an innate purpose? And that each life is orchestrated by an intelligence that works through perfect synchronization to bring about our unfoldment according to a grander plan?

To understand the phenomenon of synchronicity, most of us have to suspend some of our old beliefs that life is random and chaotic. The next step is to become aware of the synchronous events that take place in our lives, and identify them as a wondrous component of our existence.


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