The Circle of Giving

By Toni Turner

“In fact, the easiest way to get what you want is to help others get what they want.”  – Deepak Chopra

Dynamic energy moves in a constant state of harmony – a circle of giving and receiving. In fact, giving and receiving is a law of the universe.
Because each of us acts as a vital part of this universe, it is inherent in our nature to give and receive. When we stop giving, we stop contributing to ourselves and to those around us.

Imagine a stream bubbling down a mountain-slide, nourishing  and replenishing life as it flows. If the stream is blocked, the damned water grows stagnant. The bed below becomes cracked and dried.

Just so, when we stop the flow of positive energy to any area of our lives, it cuts off the natural return of positive energy that would have come back to us.

Money is referred to as “currency”, which means “to flow”. Therefore, if we hoard our money and never share with others, that action blocks and strangles the return of more money to us.

Try maintaining a stern, unsmiling countenance one day. Observe what you receive in return. The next day, smile with genuine happiness and notice the difference in return greetings!

The law of giving and receiving is clear: Give what you want to receive.

Do you want to receive more love in your life? Then give love. Would you like more joy and happiness? Then become a purveyor of authentic joy and serenity.

Do you wish for more attention and appreciation? Give your attention and appreciation to those around you.

Would you like additional abundance to manifest in your life? You can have more by helping others acquire abundance.

Remember, you must give with pure intention to put this law into action. Your gifts – be they smiles, hugs, appreciation, or money – must be offered to provide for the good of others.

If you feel that by giving you have less, the energy behind the giving diminishes the gift and the return. The life forces that empower giving and receiving are among the most important in the universe.

The more you give with freedom and joy, the more it will return to you multiplied!


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